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Преимущества аренды полуприцепов в ICTS:

Это всегда правильное решение

The rental department is specialised in renting out trailers and container chassis, for both the short and long term. Whether you need a suitable solution for one day, for three months or for five years, with us you are always guaranteed to find the a rental formula that fits in perfectly with your company's needs. This means you can opt for watertight maintenance contracts, so that your trailer continually remains in optimum condition.

Гибкость в короткие сроки

Our short-term solutions are characterised by their flexibility. A strict minimum of administration means that you immediately have a trailer that meets your requirements. Thanks to this approach, you can straight away find the ideal container chassis or the suitable trailer of various types in a range of forms: mega-trailers, sliding-canvas trailers, flat trailers, closed-container trailers, refrigerator/freezer trailers. You name it. We keep your business moving!

Ваша имя на полуприцепы на долгосрочный период.

If you're renting in the long term, then ICTS provides a fully customised trailer. The advantage of this formula is that you can opt for new materials and you are fully free to choose the colouring and print for the rental solution. What's more, we offer extensive support when putting together the specification of your trailer and negotiating the purchase. And of course, you can always count on a trailer in perfect condition, which has been maintained with the greatest attention to detail by one of our own qualified technicians.

Выкупная опция с максимальной отдачей.

An increasing number of carriers are choosing rental and lease formulas with a number of variants. ICTS helps you work out which rental formula is the most suitable for your company. Should you purchase an initially rented trailer at the end of the rental agreement, then ICTS the right company to turn to. We offer particularly advantageous terms. What's more, these rental formulas are also attractive in terms of tax: they offer you the chance to generate in a maximum of costs.

Обратный выкуп и продажа: беззаботная формула успеха

A carrier's core competence is transport and logistics, and the trend toward contracting out maintenance and mobility is increasingly gaining ground. A takeover of your fleet might perhaps once again provide you the financial space to invest in resources that guarantee you immediate growth or returns. This is reason enough to no have to longer worry about the mobility of your trailers, qualified staff in your workshops, purchasing components, etc. ICTS thinks about this with you, and we offer a range of solutions.